Friday, February 27, 2009

Hank's: Your Secret Weapon.

I was eating dinner last night and thought,
"Hey, Hank's is like a secret weapon." I'll tell you why.

You're a smart cookie.
Where do you go for an excellent, well priced americano to get your edge on in the morning? Hank's.
Where does Joe (one of our favourite regulars) order pie to take to dinner parties? Hank's.
Where can you call and place catering orders to make your life easy? Hank's.
Muffins and Scones for your morning meeting.
Lunch at 11am if you have a busy afternoon.
Lunch until 4 if you've had a busy afternoon!
Meatloaves and other stuffs to take home to other hungry bellies.
Soup and Stew on until 7pm if you had to work late.

Hunger is the enemy.
Hank is your secret weapon.

See you soon for coffee.


Soup today is Baked Potato with Bacon

Stew is a Gumbo-Style Mushroom Stew.

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