Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I do on Tuesday by Max

I was trying to find something witty to say about Tuesday.
I can't really think of anything.
Tuesday in Google search is not turning up much interesting.
Nor do there seem to be many famous Tuesdays in history that have a happy ending.

Here's some Tuesday happiness I'm brewing up.
Tuesday is a great night to order pizza.
You have no excuse to but it's a nice treat for the rest of the week.
Plus, you can pack it for lunches on Wednesday.

Tuesday would be a great night to go out. You only have 3 more days left in the average work week to plough through.
Tuesday used to be cheap movie night. Go out with a friends and catch a flick.

That is my bucket of Tuesday optimism.

Onto the daily specials!
Today we have a beautiful Tunisian Soup
and Butter Chicken Stew.

I know what I'm having for lunch.

See you soon,

P.S. Check out this article.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The really good news about today is that it is Friday.
The weather dudes and dudettes predict it will be a sunny afternoon, temperatures will certainly soar above 10 degrees Celsius and Saturday is looking to be just as fine.
It's about diggitty-dog time.

New to the Hank's line-up this week are the Apple & Pear Chips.
If you haven't grabbed a bag yet - Do it.
I packed some up this morning and they are delicious on wheels.

Today's Soup is Cream of Lion's Mane Mushroom
and ye ol' Stew is Pork Meatball.

I am going to have one of each when I'm done posting. I suggest you do the same.

That's about all the time I've got.
Come by today and say hi.

See you soon,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The real first day of spring.

It feels like Sunday.
I forgot to set my alarm last night. I'm not that person. Things like that don't normally go down for me.
The good news is I woke up for work anyway. To this sound. This strange, foreign sound.
It wasn't sirens. It wasn't my alarm. It wasn't my cat going ballistic for food.
It was birds. Real, live birds. Chirping little birds. Happy sounding birds.
This morning was the nicest wake-up I have had since before they set the clocks forward and stole my 6am sunshine.

In celebration of 6 degrees and the fact that I didn't need to wear longjohns to bike to work this morning I put some feathers in my hair (They are rather fun, you should come and see them. If I stand really still they still wiggle and make me look a bit crazy. I'm not going to qualify that.)

Also, some rather tantalizing things going on for lunch today:
Potato & Bacon Soup

White Bean Stew (Vegetarian Friendly!)

I hope your day is as great as my wake-up call.
See you soon,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There seems to be something in the air today.
The people seem sleepy but happy today.

I just got passed my first espresso and I can
feel the electricity in the air.

Samuel turned to me and said,
"I hope it's crazy at lunch today."
He's feeling "on," as well.

Come have a crazy lunch with us.
There is a lot of awesome on the menu today.
Awesome in the form of
Pot Roast Stew
Vegan Carrot Soup.

Come in and get some pick me up.
See you soon,

p.s. "Red in the morning, Sailors warning."
...you can't always trust a sailor.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a good morning it is, there is Butter Chicken stew bubbling away in the kitchen getting ready for it's lunch debut, beside it, a light, brothy homey Chicken Soup with veggies and herbs. Either way, you're life is about to get a lift. See you soon!

Love Hank

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sundays of our Lives

A good Sunday to you on the Interwebs.
Hank is awake, alive and happy to tell you
today the specials are...
Delicious Onion Soup and a Many Bean Soup.

Stop by and say hi. And get some Carrot Cake.
I can hear it calling your name.
Yes, your name.

See you on the flip side
(That is, Hank's side.),

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

Good Morning and welcome to the first day of spring.
I'm excited for spring in so many ways:
We made it through another winter and survived.
The season of plenty is coming.
Delicious foods will be made.
(Fiddle heads will lead the parade of firsts.)

Speaking of delicious foods...
Soup today is a Sweet Potato with Coconut (Vegetarian Friendly)
Stew is a Mushroom Gumbo-Style Stew - Now with Bacon!

Looking forward to seeing all yer pretty faces,

Monday, March 9, 2009

As we knew it would, it's snowing again, just a little. We can get through this together. Today's soup is Fennel.. simple, lovely, healthy and loving. On the heartier side of things we have a fish chowder, featuring Striped Bass and Black Cod. Does it get any cozier than chowder? We'll see you soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby it's still freakin cold outside
Hank knows, and today he'll warm your bones with a Split Pea stew, hearty and loving. Or you could always go for the Sweet Potato Curry Soup, it'll wrap your broken little Canadian soul in a blanket. We'll see you soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 1-0-5 to Dr. Seuss

The sky is so clear,
the air is so crisp.
My breath hardly comes
and when it does it's a whisp.

Our soup is Beautiful Beet;
Creamy Chicken Veg is our Stew.
I'm going to Hank's today -
How about you?

By Max
for the 105th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss' Birth