Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Roasted Garlic and Lentil Soup

Sliders on cute and tender little house-made english muffins("Yum Town" -populatioun YOU)

And all those wicked sandwiches you know and love.

Egg, Mushroom, Capon, Chicken Salad, Pulled pork aaaaand...

Hank's Burger!
add killer aged Quebec cheddar for only 2 bucks.

Salads you seek?

(1)Bistro Greens, (2)Roasted Beet, (3)Potato and (4)Tomato!(<-------- really good.)

Oh! and in the pastry corner... Muffin: Currant and Lemon
Scone: Bacon, Mustard and Cheddar

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