Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear friends,

Let's celebrate this beautiful day! Come in and treat yourselves with one of our freshly baked pastries. We have an array of croissants (plain, almond, chocolate) as well as our daily muffin and scone:

Muffin: Apple Currant
Scone: Ham, Green Onion and Cheddar

If you haven't tried the Date Square yet, you have been missing out. Even if you've never been very fond of date squares. They are amazing. Enjoy discovering a new treat in our yummy-filled vitrine. Adorable cupcakes, killer cookies and more.

Now here's the news you've surely been waiting for:

Soup: Spicy Lentil
Stew: Beef Bourguignon

And of course we have our daily selection of delicious sandwiches. Today's list includes the Peameal Bacon and Pulled Pork Sammy.


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