Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Really Wish Toronto Had More Greenery..

It may be super rainy day out there today, but just imagine how much more enjoyable the rain would be if the city had something to show for it besides chauffers on cement landscapes driving around in mechanical horses. Maybe they would like some friendly scenery for our environment's greenery too? Well, you come to Hanks and you're helping with a more environmental act, because everything is made with local ingredients and our pigs, chickens and cows are grain fed, giving them a better life, and looking after our farms outside the downtown core, which we might not see all the time but is nonetheless important to build on.

Well, come on in and enjoy our Beef Bourguignon Stew or our Maple Parsnip Soup!

Or grab one of our delicious sandwiches,

See you here!

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