Thursday, March 26, 2009

The real first day of spring.

It feels like Sunday.
I forgot to set my alarm last night. I'm not that person. Things like that don't normally go down for me.
The good news is I woke up for work anyway. To this sound. This strange, foreign sound.
It wasn't sirens. It wasn't my alarm. It wasn't my cat going ballistic for food.
It was birds. Real, live birds. Chirping little birds. Happy sounding birds.
This morning was the nicest wake-up I have had since before they set the clocks forward and stole my 6am sunshine.

In celebration of 6 degrees and the fact that I didn't need to wear longjohns to bike to work this morning I put some feathers in my hair (They are rather fun, you should come and see them. If I stand really still they still wiggle and make me look a bit crazy. I'm not going to qualify that.)

Also, some rather tantalizing things going on for lunch today:
Potato & Bacon Soup

White Bean Stew (Vegetarian Friendly!)

I hope your day is as great as my wake-up call.
See you soon,

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