Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Call it what you will but it's wednesday. That's right, the hump in the middle of the week which then slides downward into a long labour day weekend. Just to let ya'll know, we will be closed on the Labour day Monday to use and abuse our barbeques and if we're lucky get some sort of sunburn.

But for today... here's the all star line up.

Soup: French Canadian Onion Soup. Beefy, buttery, cheesy, croutony. Fills a hole you didn't know you had.

Salads: We have the Panzanella salad, which if you haven't tried it and you like vegetale garlicky goodness with some bread attached, this salads is delicious. And pick up some chocolate with it, chocolate helps with garlic breath. It's true.

Good ol' Hank's standby, Chicken Salad.

Coconut Curried Beef and Basmati Rice Salad. I don't think there's anything left to say.

We also have the Pear and Spagetti Squash Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing. It's so

dang good.

Now let me tell you about a blueberry discovery. This morning one of the cooks made her mom's famous blueberry dessert. It's fresh blueberries with a little sour cream and brown sugar. It's awesome. And we have it for you to try. Seriously fresh, not too sweet and full of big plump blueberries, the last of the season.

Alright. I'm off. I wish you all a good morning, we'll see you soon!

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