Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potato Tuesdays

Well, there's no going back. Summer is gone and I don't think we will see it's golden head again.
Not for a while anyhow. I guess the good news is we're having another El Nino winter? If that's good news. (Hurricanes?)

Okay, here's some real good news:

Potato & Leek Soup (Yum Yum Yum)

Today we have NO Flank Steak but the good news is a PULLED PORK SANDWICH (hooray!).

Salady Goodness...
Minty Slaw
Cumbrae's Chicken Salad
Chipotle Pork Sausage & Dupuy Lentil Salad
Purple Potato Salad
Crudite (Sticks o'veg with dip)
Sweet Potato Pie (What it sounds like = Delicious)
Albacore Tuna & Scallop Cakes on Watercress & Pea Shoots with Tarter sauce
(Wow, Hank is one serious dude)

See you soon,

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