Thursday, May 28, 2009

At Hank's...

All we care about is great tasting stuff. Ever. Sure we put on a pretty face to do it with - but in the end, the taste in your mouth is actually, for real, all that matters. Ever.

So, to that end, this is hilarious to me. I was reading this morning and now I feel that if you need a good chuckle this article and the comments are it. Wow. One dress can cause a lot of trouble.

If you want to fit into such dresses I recommend our
Canadian Onion Soup! Made with TONS of variatels of onion, a baguette crostini and sprinkled with a two-year aged raw PEI Cheddar this soup will make you sing the sun out.

Stew today is a fabulous combo -
Braised Beef and House Chorizo Sausage Stew.
Balenced with chucks of root veg this protien packer will fill your belly with warmth.

See you soon,

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