Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday of a Fine Cherry Blossom Spring

A regular this morning commented on the Cherry Blossoms in High Park.
I tend not to leave the very core of downtown and I feel I've been missing out.
Maybe you have to. I had no idea, so here's the low down:
2000 trees were given to us in 1959 by Toru-Hagiwara, who was the Japanese ambassador to Canada at the time.
This is the 50th anniversary of our cherry trees.
They are especially magnificent this week - so it's time to get out after work and check out the beauty our city has to offer.

Soup today is a terrific meaty treat - Bison and Beef Soup.
I've had a spoonful and it is awesome.

Stew is a vegan treat! It's Sweet Potato, Chick Pea & Peanut Stew.
Equally awesome if you forgo meat - I will probably have a cup of each for my lunch.

See you for lunch,

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