Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Right on Reds

I have nothing against Red Lights or Pedestrians. I ride my bicycle all winter, walk when the bike lanes get too snowed in and drive a motorcycle in the summer.
I feel I have three good perspectives... From my experience it's pretty hard to get through pedestrians to make a right on a red anyway.
As for pedestrian safety - aren't most people hit when they are Jay Walking like the crazy Jay Walkers most Torontonians (how could there be 5 definitions) are?

Red Light Stopping Specials!
Cream of Potato and Cabbage Soup - so good it might make your mouth have some kind of space-related implosion.
Spicy Chicken Squash Curry Stew - light, refreshing, amazing. Sure to hit your chicken stew spot.

Come by to talk traffic with me. I do love discussing it.

See you soon,

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