Monday, May 4, 2009


To set you up for today's barrel of laughs I first have to tell you what ze specials are.
Soup today is a puree of Parsnip & Sunchoke with Roasted Root Vegetable (vegetarian friendly).
Our stew is Chicken, Pork Hock & Bean Stew.

The funny part is what you hear and what you know.
When I asked Dan D what the stew of the day was he told me it was Chicken and (what I heard) Porcock.
"What's a porcock? Is it like a cabbit? Like Cat-Rabbit only like Pig-Peacock?"

No. What he said was Pork Hock. (Pork hocks are cut from picnic shoulder and are similar to pork shank cross cuts. They contain two round shank bones exposed at both ends and are usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.)

Not to be confused with the creature of many myths that is part Pig and Peacock.
I'm excited to go home and get out my crayons to draw it.
Har har.

Hope to see you today to try some myth-beast stew (if you are into meat).

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