Monday, April 27, 2009

Dragging Feet

I have a problem getting to bed on time.
I can't say that I'm getting anything extra accomplished in the three hours or more I stay up each night past what I would designate as my "bed time." This troubles me. It troubles me most as I yawn and yawn and yawn past two cups of coffee and two shots of espresso. Quitting coffee wasn't on the horizon anyhow but as I reflect now on it... coffee is a habit I am not going to be kicking anytime ever.

I think I'm going to have vegetables for lunch to help me pick up my feet.
We've got a pot of Sweet & Delicious Roasted Vegetable Stew on the go. Yum.
Also, a new twist on a Hank's favourite: Dan D's pot o' Cabbage and Bacon Soup.

How's your Monday going? Dragging feet? See you for coffee.

Best o' Mondays,

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