Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitty Cats and Cupcakes

A hardy hello from the Hank's team this morning.
Today is shaping up to be a two cups before 9 am kind-o-morning.
It aches. It pains - we'll get through it with an extra cup of coffee together.

Debbie and Paula are pulling up their socks and loading up pots to put some hot stuff in our bellies.
Let's see here...

We've got a Cabbage and Bacon Soup.
A great hardy one for a Tuesday.

Our stew is looking to be a goodie I'm calling Sweet Potato Som-Thim Stew. (I asked what was in the stew and got told - Sweet Potato and Som-Thim.)
Vegan Friendly!

That's all from me. Lots to do and 11am is creeping up.
See you very soon,

p.s. check out the quote board today, another goodie.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh! Again with a delicious sounding vegetarian stew!

    Always when I remember to pack my lunch.

    Are there no more sandwich specials? When I first discovered hanks I had an amazing white fish sandwich that I've never seen offered again.