Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Buicks of the Past

Good April Foo's to ye all.
The rain definitely heralds the beginning of April.
Did you enjoy wearing a lighter jacket to work this morning?
We started at a plum-ripe 5 degrees today.

In the mean whiles,
Set break down began at 8am this morning and the people reclaimed the streets of Toronto back from the faux-muggers of New York.
Samuel made a round of his signature bacony drink this morning and boy was it tasty. I'll have to bring in some spice and make my curry macchiato for some folks.
I had the opportunity to dig up this April Fool's story for you. I think it has some gems in it from

- On April 1, 1996, Taco Bell announced that it had purchased the Liberty Bell, which would accordingly become the "Taco Liberty Bell" (left). When asked about the sale, then-White House press secretary Mike McCurry joked that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold, and would henceforth be called the “Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.”

- On April 1, 1998, Burger King started promoting a Left-Handed Whopper, whose condiments were “designed” to drip out the right side. According to reports, several eager lefties tried ordering the burger--presumably before checking their calendars.

- On April 1, 1998, Guinness announced that it would be the official beer sponsor of the Old Royal Observatory’s millennium celebration. As part of the deal, “Greenwich Mean Time” would become “Guinness Mean Time” until the end of 1999. Obviously missing the joke, The Financial Times scolded Guinness for setting a "brash tone for the millennium." (It later printed a retraction.)

- On April 1, 2000, Google revealed its new MentalPlex technology, which could read a user’s mind to determine his search query – before he even touched the keyboard. Alas, all results were April Fools’-related.

- On April 1, 2002, the British supermarket chain Tesco advertised a new, genetically modified “whistling carrot.” The veggie had apparently been “specially engineered” to grow with “tapered airholes,” which made it whistle while it cooked.

- On April 1, 2004, National Public Radio's “All Things Considered” reported on the Post Office’s new portable “Portable Zip Codes” program, which would allow people to keep their zip codes no matter where they moved. In the fictional report, an “official” source said the effort would “serve as an umbilical cord to the places [people] love best.”

- On April 1, 2005, the NASA Web site featured a news story touting pictures of water on Mars. Revelation? Not quite: The actual photo showed a glass of water resting on a Mars candy bar.

- On April 1, 2008, Google started promoting Gmail Custom Time, which allowed users to adjust email time stamps. The science behind it apparently involved an “e-flux capacitor.”

- On April 1, 2008, YouTube linked every video on its homepage to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” And yes, there’s a verb for that: “RickRolling.”

- On April 1, 2008, an executive at Microsoft Research said his team had determined the true value of pi to be “a definitive 3.141999, or as expressed in company literature, ‘Three easy payments of 1.047333.’”

Soup today is Bacony Borscht.
Stew is Peanut, Coconut & Sweet Potato Stew.

I hope no one pulls the wool over yer eyes today!

See you soon,

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