Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Cones and Daffodils

I think my title says it all.
If you had a snow cone you could have your spring and eat it too!
Slush falling from the sky aside, I think we are in good digs and well on our way
to another humid, sticky summer. (Please, Spring, Stay awhile!)
Let us count our days, realize we all wanted to stay in bed and move forward through the week with as much grace as anyone with no sunshine can muster.
Rally, troops! You've got Hank's!

Today's Soup is Cabbage and Bacon (pronounced bay-COH).
Ye ol' stew is Dupuy Lentil Curry.
See also:
Lentils proclaiming the vegetarian friendliness of this delicious lunch item.

That's all folks. We've got work to do and I've got to try to get my hands into that pot of fun.

See you soon,

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