Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Tuesdays of our lives. I mean, Wednesday.

Howdy. I just gathered myself together and arrived for lunch time. By title alone you should be able to tell that I haven't hunted and gathered any caffine yet. I'm working on that next.

There's a pot of Vegetable Goulash on the stove. I'm sampling some. Not very traditional (Goulash comes from the Hungarian word for cattle stockman or herdsman). No beef here, but something your Nagy-mama (Hungarian Grandmother) could be proud of.

So, for the beef-eating-Hungarian-Grandma's we put the beef into Beef Stew (A Hank's Classic).

Lots of fun stuff at Hank's to talk about on the blog once I get my pictures onto a computer. Last night we hosted a Barista Jam for our fellow peoples in the espresso-pulling community. Great times, good coffees and fun competition.

I'm off to the races (to hunt a coffee, I mean.)

See you soon,

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  1. Awesome time at the Barista Jam last night. Got photos and a video comin..