Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The beginning of the Barbeque Season

If you're like me and you can avoid the traffic then you can forget about the ol' two seasons (Winter & Construction) you can welcome in a new season: Barbeque Season.
I hooked myself up with a patio/table sized little guy and even though it's not high tech - it certainly does help make some delicious (as well as reducing dinner dishes - which I especially love).

Speaking of delicious:
Stew is a Veggie Stew we are calling
Creamy Carrot Stew. Filled with more than just carrots this stew will fill you with vitamin and mineral delights.
Our soup - for ye ol' meat eaters is something you will NOT want to miss.
Pork Rib Confit Meatballs in a Duck Broth. HOLY MOLY.

A special sandwich for you to enjoy as well:
Smoked Whitefish topped lovingly with dill creme fraiche. If you need the bread with your lunch THIS SANDWICH WILL EXPLODE YOUR TASTE BUDS.

I'm only using CAPS because I am that serious.

See you soon!

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