Friday, June 19, 2009

Chores on Saturday

If you get a "real" weekend - check the weather.
Yesterday Saturday had no rain but today it does.
So, get done your cleaning and then head on out on Sunday.
Worse things have happened at sea.

To get you up and running for the weekend we've got two special things:

We have only one hot guy special - it's Beef and Bison Stew. It's got a nice sweetness to it (lent out by the Raisins) and it's quite pleasant.

The other special guy is the Niçoise salad - almost traditional, except ours is dressed with a fresh basil vinaigrette and has some grilled asparagus. Topped with tuna and boiled eggs - sure to tempt the tummy, friendly for lacto-ovo pescetarians.

Returning to the menu today is the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Smoked Salmon sandwiched between St John's Celtic multi grain loaf with a crème fraîche (full of flavours like onion and such). Com'on in. There's got to be something to tickle your belly.

See you soon,

p.s. Don't forget to Vote for Hank (he's no Nixon).

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