Monday, June 29, 2009

What's brewing at Hanks...besides Thunder and Lightening

Well, we aren't actually brewing the weather ourselves...we would if we could.
We've got a Chicken and Chorizo stew to stick to your ribs and turbo boost you through this summer Monday. If you're feeling more salady, man we've got salads. Apple Radish Slaw, awesome with a sandwich. Cumbrae's Chicken Salad, lots of chicken, proteiny goodness. Macaroni Salad, which tastes like Mom's (if you're mom was an awesome cook). We have a green salad with grilled summer vegetables and a carrot salad dressing. Doesn't get much healthier..... or does it? The summer Barley Lemon Salad, is awesome, really low in fat and super filling. I've been alternating between that and the Macaroni Salad for the last few days.
Who knew salad could be delicious? I guess Hank did.

See you all soon. Hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend.

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