Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it friday...and still summer?

What in sam hill is going on? Where is the rain and gloomy forcast we've come to know and love? I don't want to hear one sunburned compliant on monday!

We've got a heck of a line up for your hungry bellies today.

The Pulled Pork is back! I'm excited and most of the staff have already decided what their lunches will be today.

The soup is a Thai coconut veg. Featuring some of the beautiful bounty coming in the back door in fine vegetable form.

For salads...well oh my!
Broccoli. You've had it and you love it!

Beet and Walnut with summer garlic. The garlic is good for you! Don't be afraid!

There's an Indonesian Curry Noodle Salad, which is being made as I type. So far, it looks kind of awesome. And really, there's nothing like cold noodles on a hot day.

Chicken Salad, is protein goodness from previously happy chickens.

And then there was the minty slaw. Which is so dang good with quite a few of our sandwiches. Especially the pulled pork.

Oh and PS. If you haven't tried the new Peanut Butter Brownie.... you might want to get on that.

I wish you all a happy relaxing weekend. We all know you deserve it!

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