Thursday, August 6, 2009

Somewhere between Wednesday and Friday

Sandwiched in between what was a Tuesday-ish Wednesday and a forth-coming Friday - you'll find us.
This morning's finds...
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Muffin (Yea, they went there)
Lemon Lavender Muffin
Coconut Almond Scone.

I'm like the White Rabbit in Wonderland running around for fears hearing
"Off with her head!" so I'll make with the specials.

I'm pretty much looking at everything going "I want THAT for lunch."
So, good luck with the choosing.

Chilled Soup of Watermelon with Minty Drizzle.

Chicken Salad (Cumbrae's Chicken with green olives, cheese and other savory goodies.)
Ontario Fruit Salad
Beets & Greens Salad with Ontario Sweet Cherry dressing and Goat's Cheese.
Macaroni Salad!
Broccoli & Beef Salad (Looks so good) with Soy Ginger Garlic Dressing.
Roasted Sunchoke & Bacon Salad on Frisee dressed in Pumpkin Seed Dressing.

Pulled Pork Sandwich AND Flank Steak Sandwich? Life is clearly not fair - making you make decisions.

So I guess I'll see you soon,

P.S. Time is running out! Don't Forget to VOTE FOR HANK

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