Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday Day

Yes it is, it's finally July. The real July we've come to day dream about in Feburary. It's not stinking hot out (thank goodness due to the stink) but it's lovely and walkable and cheery. No complaints here. So how do you feed yourself on such a beautiful day? You feed yourself well and we've got the stuff.

Marniated Flank steak sandwich on a fresh baguette. When we featured this the other day we experimented on toasted baguette. Fresh is way better and this sandwich is a staff favourite.

We have our first cold soup of the season. It's a chilled snap pea soup, delicate and lovely.

Our salads today are Soba (you know you love it) We have a bean salad, fresh and herbacious, and whatever else those crazy cooks are whipping up at the moment. Sometimes a girl just can't keep up.

I almost forgot! We have an ontario sour cherry pie! For those of you who love pie, or those pie fence sitters, this one is awesome. Don't forget the fresh whipped cream.

We'll see you soon. I hope your morning is clicking along famously.

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