Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday at Hanks

It might be a tuesday, not hump day or the first or last day of the week, tuesday doesn't get much in the way of cred, but it's a good solid day. It's the kind of day you need to make special with a little jaunt out of the office and into somewhere that has the kind of food made with love. We all know where that place is. Today we've got a tasty homey little beef stew. For all of you who've been looking for stew, it' s back with a homemade vengence today. We still have the pulled pork sandwich which I was still thinking about before I went to sleep last night... is that weird?

Salad line up
Chicken Salad, meaty and tangy goodness
Pork Rib Confit
Broccoli Salad, if you're mom made this when you were a kid, this one is unbelievable!
Good ol' Soba noodle salad with tofu and Kimchi

See you soon.

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