Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wild Wednesdays

Today we are proud to bring you two vegan options, as well as a hot sandwich that is new today and absolutely delicious!

Curried Apple and Parsnip Soup w/ Coriander Cream and an Apple Chip for a garnish, Vegan and delightful!


Sauteed Kale, Shitake Mushroom and Roasted Red Pepper Salad (Vegan)
Potato Salad with Cornichon and a Creme Fraiche Dressing
Beet Salad on Greens with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Hot Food:
Hank's Burger w/ Mayo, Ketchup and Greens
Fries w/ Lemon Mayo
Pulled Pork Sammy

Brand New Today:
Croque Monsiuer! Hot and made to order complete with Ham, Cheese (both on the inside and out) and Dijon

That's all for now, See you Soon!

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